7 Positions to Syringe Feed your Guinea Pig or give them Oral Medications

I know it can be REALLY tricky to get medications into your guinea pig, and the last thing you and your piggle need at a time like that is more stress! I have made a video class for you, demonstrating 7 positions you can use to syringe feed your guinea pig, give them oral medications, or water if they are not well. Check them out now so you are prepared if the time comes!

If your guinea pig is not used to being picked up, it's going to be harder and more stressful for both of you, so check out this class too if you need some help with handling your piggy - remember for their health (regular check overs will help you catch illnesses early on and improve their chances of recovering quicker) and for them not to be stressed when you DO have to pick them up (getting them into carrier for vets for example) it is really important they (and you!) get used to it. 

3 Easy Ways to Pick up Your Guinea Pig Without Panic!


Fiona x 

3 easy ways to pick up your gp class pic  (700 × 380px)