Is this your bunnies?!聽

- They're living 'Separate Lives' (remember that Phil Collins Song? It's in my head now 馃ぃ) and taking up twice as much space in your home than if you had them together (or have less space than you'd like because you have to divide it evenly!)

- Can't even LOOK at the other bunny without wanting to start a fight (or maybe they are ok with the bars between them but put them in the same space and it all kicks off?!) - Only getting time out some of the time because you have to make sure they both get even amounts of free roam time? - Lonely because they can't be together (and that's the TOTAL OPPOSITE of your intention when you got two rabbits, right?!) - Looking and acting jealously when the other one is out?聽

And is this you?!

- You are just EXHAUSTED from the constant juggling of the logistics of keeping two separate bunnies, when your plan was to give them each a friend and have happy, snuggling, grooming bunnies

- You feel GUILTY because no matter how you do it or how hard you try, somebunny seems to be missing out, - on time, attention from you, or space - You are FRUSTRATED because if you'd known it was like this, you would have done things differently, but you didn't know - it's not your fault you were given the wrong information!

- You feel BAD when you see pictures of loved up bunnies and despair of your two ever 'towing the line' and getting along?

Have I got it right?!

How do I know how you are living and how you feel?!! Because these are the things people have said to me over the years and the sheer relief when I have helped them FINALLY bond their bunnies is written all over their faces! They cannot believe that it's finally happened! And that their life is going to be so much easier, and their home is going to be more peaceful!! They can't believe they now only need one carrier, one cage, one free roam time, and a pair of bunnies that finally look and behave as they've dreamed for so long!! Their time of doing that exhausting balancing act is over!!

Wouldn't you like that too?!!聽

I see you! I know聽you've struggled for a long time, read all the website articles, watched all the Youtube videos, and are overwhelmed, confused and daunted by the process! I know you might be are afraid to get started or have done a session and just didn't know WHEN and HOW to step in - after all it IS nerve wracking, thinking of your usually adorable balls of cuteness turning into an aggressive, fighting ball of fury!), SO Why not Let me help you? Yes it's going to be a bit of work (and what worthwhile thing isn't?!) but it's perfectly possible! I have sorted some sticky bonding cases in my time and I know how to help you do it too!

I have bonded over 100 pairs and trios myself, and helped many dozens of bunny parents bond their fur babies themselves with my help, - I know how daunting it can be, but I can hold your hand through the process if you want me to!!

The first step is to know WHEN to step back and WHEN to step in, and HOW to step in聽 if you need to - this is one of the most common concerns I hear from people聽 - after all, you don't want to get in the way of them making progress but you don't want your precious fur babies to hurt each other!

馃ぉWell, the good news is - I can absolutely help you with that in my new Masterclass by showing you EXACTLY WHAT the behaviours look like, and HOW AND WHEN TO STEP IN AND WHEN TO STEP BACK AND TAKE A BREATH, so that you are more confident giving it a go!

I'll also be showing you how to set your bonding pen up for the best chance of success and to be comfortable for you聽

馃聽So let's get this first step sorted and聽then you are off the mark and ready to go!

Let's get these bunnies loved up (and with my help you can get it done faster and easier, with my shortcuts, hints and tips!)

You have lifetime access to refer back to or to watch in your own time and refer back to!

I can't wait to see you there and help you get your bunnies bonded faster and easier!!

Fiona x
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