Not sure what sex your rabbit is?

It can be very difficult to tell what sex your fur baby is when they are tiny, so it's possible you were told incorrectly or the breeder or pet shop just didn't know.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to know for sure -

  • Curiosity


  • To get an accurate quote for neutering (the price can differ hugely depending on your bunny's sex)


  • If you have two bunnies, you might want to make sure you don't end up with babies (It's quite common for people to think they have two the same sex and wake up to surprise babies!)


  • If you want to get a second rabbit, you need to know what sex your first bunny is, as that may influence your decision on which gender of second rabbit to get (In my opinion as a Professional Bunny Bonder, opposite sex bonds are the easiest especially for first time bonders!)


  • Health reasons - Female rabbits are very prone to reproductive cancers that can be prevented by neutering (around 80% of un-neutered females develop cancers by age 3) - with males it's possible for them to develop reproductive cancers, but much, much rarer


  • To understand your rabbit's behaviours, and therefore make a decision on whether to neuter, or use other behaviour management methods - e.g female rabbits they can be prone to territorial behaviour such as lunging and being protective of their cage which can be greatly helped or eradicated by neutering; boys can spray urine or mount anything and everything!! 

I have created for you a mini class, just a few minutes long, with a video demonstration on how to sex your rabbit. It helps if you are used to picking up your rabbit, and handling them, - if you aren't you may want to consider this class too! MY EASY 3 STEP PROCESS TO BONDING WITH YOUR BUNNY AND GETTING THEM USED TO BEING PICKED UP!

So why not satisfy your curiosity, download this class, and find out for sure today!!